Child’s Play Autism Centers

From early on, creating a new standard for clinical care was a passion of our founders Jason Shaw and Becki Fulcher. They wanted a place where patients of all ages and need, along with their families could come to seek exceptional outcomes, all while adding to the meaning of what an ABA clinic should be. In its beginning years, the clinics started with a small group of therapists, offering intervention in a few small locations, and for a brief time, in the community only. But thanks to their dedication to their science, passion for their mission, focus on convenient on-site amenities and generalization experiences, and an ever-increasing number of passionate caregivers, Child’s Play Autism Centers has grown beyond our wildest imagination. And we are just getting started.

When you arrive at Child’s Play today, you’ll find the finest clinical staff and their support teams intervening on everything from early learning, problem behavior reduction and replacement (including severe aggression and self-harm) and family education; not to mention social programs, occupational therapy, diagnostics, and family support counseling. From our dream of a clinical experience beyond the norm it’s blossomed into, Child’s Play Autism Centers continues to inspire our commitment to clinical excellence, growth, and community support.

  • We want all of our kids to have a great experience this Halloween

    We want all of our kids to have a great experience this Halloween

    Tuesday, October 29, 2019

    Here are some tips for a fun trick or treat night:
    1. Practice beforehand at a neighbors house to get familiar with how it’s done.
    2. Have them wear their costume a few times to make sure they are comfortable in it.
    3. Handing out candy? Practice first at home. Have them hand you candy from the bowl.
    4. Do they have other siblings? Consider going as a group with other parents. If your child needs to go home, their sibling can continue on with friends.

  • It’s such a great time of year to get outside!

    It’s such a great time of year to get outside!

    Saturday, October 26, 2019

    Have you gone leaf gathering yet? It’s a fun way to spend some time outside with your little one. See who can find the biggest or brightest leaf. This activity touches on a few skill building exercises while you have fun together!

  • Integrating our approach!

    Integrating our approach!

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019

    Occupational Therapy is to begin right here at Child’s Play next month! We’re excited to offer this expansion of services to our families!

  • Have questions on how to get started?

    Have questions on how to get started?

    Thursday, October 17, 2019

    We’re here for you! We encourage you to schedule your visit and talk on-on-one with us to see how we can help your family! Follow the link for the list of things to bring with you along with any and all questions!

Our son has grown leaps and bounds under Rebecca’s supervision. He engages with his peers, has had a huge decrease in meltdowns and works daily on his difficulties on transitions. We are more than pleased with his progress and he loves being there with all his friends!

-Caregiver Review, Online