Child’s Play Autism Centers

From early on, creating a new standard for clinical care was a passion of our founders Jason Shaw and Becki Fulcher. They wanted a place where patients of all ages and need, along with their families could come to seek exceptional outcomes, all while adding to the meaning of what an ABA clinic should be. In its beginning years, the clinics started with a small group of therapists, offering intervention in a few small locations, and for a brief time, in the community only. But thanks to their dedication to their science, passion for their mission, focus on convenient on-site amenities and generalization experiences, and an ever-increasing number of passionate caregivers, Child’s Play Autism Centers has grown beyond our wildest imagination. And we are just getting started.

When you arrive at Child’s Play today, you’ll find the finest clinical staff and their support teams intervening on everything from early learning, problem behavior reduction and replacement (including severe aggression and self-harm) and family education; not to mention social programs, diagnostics, and family support counseling. From our dream of a clinical experience beyond the norm it’s blossomed into, Child’s Play Autism Centers continues to inspire our commitment to clinical excellence, growth, and community support.

  • We are celebrating our 5th Anniversary!

    Monday, July 15, 2019

    THANK YOU to our staff & families for all you have contributed over the past 5 years. We can all be proud of the work we’ve done… and we are just getting started!

  • Festival season is upon us!

    Friday, July 12, 2019

    Sometimes the noise and crowds can be too much for our kiddos. We have some tips to help make the day enjoyable for all.

    1. Bring their favorite snacks. They may not be interested in trying new food.
    2. Be ready to take a break from the crowd. Find a shady spot that is away from all of the excitement.
    3. Headphones for the noise may help.
    4. Know their limits. There are a lot of new sights, sounds and smells at places like that. If it turns out to be too much, don’t worry about heading out early.

  • Summer months often bring some vacation time

    Tuesday, July 9, 2019

    If you are taking a road trip we would like to offer some tips to make the best of it!

    1. Bring headphones and a tablet or music to help keep your child entertained on the long ride.
    2. Make stops and take a break and stretch your legs. This is good for everyone!
    3. Give them a map and talk about where you are going and how long it takes to get there. They may have fun being the navigator!
    4. Do they like to play games? Try some like eye-spy, etc. to pass the time.
    5. Snacks. We all love to have something to nibble on for those longer rides.

  • Happy Independence Day!

    Thursday, July 4, 2019

    We wish you all the very best today and beyond. Let’s celebrate!

They are amazing!! So happy that there is a place for my daughter to go and be challenged to meet her potential!!

-Caregiver Review, Online